A set of about fifty prints on the themes... - Lot 100 - Nicolas Nouvelet Commissaire-priseur

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A set of about fifty prints on the themes... - Lot 100 - Nicolas Nouvelet Commissaire-priseur
A set of about fifty prints on the themes of mythology, theater and scenes of life, including: - Le Procès de Polichinelle et d'Arlequin, justified 25/50 in pencil in the lower left margin, signed in pencil in the lower right margin - Inhabitants of the Land of Fire - THEROND and H.LINTON, The Riches of the World - Two English engravings, The Smoker, printed for Robert Sawyer and The Last Drop, printed for John Bowles - Jean-Baptiste GREUZE (1725-1805) (after), The Widow and her Curé - Jean-Baptiste GREUZE (1725-1805) (after), L'accordée de Village - Étienne AUBRY peintre du Roy (1745-1781) (after), La Bergère des Alpes - François LE ROY DE LIANCOURT (1741/42-1835) (after), Le petit montagnard - Industry & Economy - Two color engravings - REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (after), Beggar in the Street - REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (after), Tavern scene - R.SAUTAI (after), Reading Avis in a Street in Italy - OLIK ? (after), Massage scene - R. ERNST (1854-1932) (after), Water Carrier in Constantinople - J.B. LE PRINCE (1734-1781) (after), The Happiness of the Household - J.E. SCHENAU (1737-1806) (after), The Guitar Master - François BOUCHER (1703-1170) (after), The Mail Departure - Vue de Strasbourg, quartier de la petite France, lower left drypoint monogrammed CP. Annotation lower right in the margin - Feuille satirique, Les voitures à six sous - Émile Antoine BAYARD (1837-1891) (after), Une guinguette - Émile Antoine BAYARD (1837-1891) (after), A market - Marcel JACQUE (1906-1981) (after), Chevaux d'attelage en forêt de Fontainebleau, etching, signed in pencil in the lower right margin, annotated "Barbizon, ... en forêt de Fontainebleau" in the lower left margin - Paul POTTER (1625-1654) (after), Shepherd - MARCKL (after), The Ruins of Carthage - Pierre MIGNARD (after), The Plague of Aegina - François-Édouard CIBOT (1799-1877) (after), The Bride of Lammermoor - Rudolf ERNST (1854-1932) (after), The Smoker in the Orient - L. DE MARQ (after), Three prints signed L. De Marq? theater scenes - Mair Von LANDSHUT (c.1450-c.1520) (after), The presented banner - Albrecht DURER (1471-1528) (after), The Death Rider and the Devil - BOUQUET (after), Pierrot gourmand - Hyacinthe RIGAUD (1659-1743) (after), Vertumne and Pomona - The Abduction of Falmé - Andréa DEL-SARTO (1486-1530/31) (after), The Death of Lucretia - Angelica KAUFFMAN (1741-1807), Telemachus in Sparta (large tears in center) - Charles GLEYRE (1808-1874) (after), Lost Illusions - Charles GLEYRE (1808-1874) (after), Roman bacchanalia - Albrecht DURER (1471-1528) (after), The Jealousy of Hercules - Andrea MANTEGNA (1431-1506) (after), Part of Combats of Marine Gods - Jean-Baptiste OUDRY (1686-1755) (after), Fable 244 of Book XII Illustration of Belphegor, - GIRAUDET, PEYRON, SERANGELI (after) : - Set of 6 prints illustrating scenes from classical tragedies (Andromache, Berenice, Mithridate) - Exposition Universelle de 1900, Certificate of a bronze medal to LEFEBURE - The abduction of Proserpine Size of plates: from 11.2 x 9.2 cm to 71.7 x 54.1 cm (stains, tears, folds, accidents)
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