The auction house

Nicolas Nouvelet Commissaire-priseur is a newly created auction house, managed by its founder Nicolas Nouvelet, an auctioneer graduate with fifteen years of experience in the auction sector.

The idea that it is possible to associate an economic activity with a solidarity activity in an eco-responsible way is at the origin of this creation.

The auctioneer's function is to add value to the objects submitted to him through the auction process, by carrying out inventories and estimates. This valuation is the most characteristic of this profession and the best known.

However, it seems to us that it can also take other forms

  • Recovery through donations to associations for objects of lesser financial value, but whose use value remains high.
  • Recovery through waste sorting as part of an eco-responsible action.

This threefold recovery of objects is the objective set by Nicolas Nouvelet Auctioneers, a company with a mission, which addresses both individuals and associations managing legacies and donations.

Our project: the creation of an auction house that is part of the social and solidarity economy and the circular economy.

Our identity: the valorisation of all the objects entrusted to us and the financing of an annual associative project.

An auction house for sale:

  • Individuals who want to sell their goods.
  • Associations managing legacies and donations.

The services offered :

To individuals :

  • Inventories, appraisals, estimates, divisions.
  • Auctioning of entrusted goods.
  • Assistance in managing donations during inventories and issuing a tax receipt.
  • Sorting waste upstream so that it can be recycled more easily and at a lower cost.

For associations:

  • A complete service for managing bequests and donations by valuing all of the latter, which can begin with the inventory, whether or not it is for tax purposes.
  • Auctioning of furniture and objects from legacies and donations.
  • Sorting of furniture and objects of lesser financial value (clothes, books, crockery, etc.) so that the associations can either sell them to finance their actions or give them directly to their beneficiaries or to other associations.
  • Sorting waste upstream so that it can be recycled more easily and at lower cost.


The value of an object is multiple, whether it takes the form of
an auction, a donation, an eco-responsible action.


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